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Power Apps example: From Access to PowerApps.

Transferring local Apps to the cloud is a logical step now that users want to work anywhere with a Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone.

After all, sharing information and collaborating are becoming increasingly important.

An employee develops a solution based on Microsoft Access 2007 that eventually holds up to 10,000 records. Due to overdue maintenance, the system is not stable.

If the Access database were to become corrupted, the system might crash irreparably. The developer has now left the company, and because the users are unable to solve the problems, they eventually turn to the system manager.

System manager says; sorry, I didn't make it, I wasn't involved, so it's not my problem!

Does such a scenario sound familiar to you?

What was initially developed as a simple solution, local to a single user, has become a business-critical application. With a volume of data and users, it can no longer afford to be offline.

The challenges Access developers face to keep users happy

Keeping data safe

Centralize data to a secure cloud environment

Location independent collaboration

App users want to share information with the team.

System independent

App users want to work on all devices including smartphones and tablets.


So what is the best back-end solution for PowerApps?

In other words; which database are you going to deploy? SQL Server is the best solution as a back-end for your Power Apps. If you work with Office 365 you also have access to Flows to create super secure solutions.

Power Apps & Flow, standard in Office 365 BE

The basic version of Office 365 includes Power Apps & Flow, so no licenses are required. Only an additional license for SQL connector is required.

Based on this platform you develop Power Apps solutions with which you:

  • Can work anywhere as long as there is internet.
  • Make fully responsive apps.
  • Suitable for all divices even mixed; PC, iPad, Tablet, Smartphone.
  • Options for portal solutions.

Power Apps has grown up!

Everywhere you see examples of simple apps for the smartphone. To show how powerful Power Apps is, we built a CRM solution. Check out our blog!

Sky is the limmet? No that’s just the start!

The power platform is incredibly powerful. Add Sharepoint to that and you really have a platform on which you can build customer engagement for all departments of the organization. Check it out!

power apps example
power apps example

Create and manage powerful chatbots, without the need for code or AI expertise, with an easy-to-use graphical interface.

Easily integrate your chatbots with the products and services you use every day. Look up records, personalise conversations, hand off conversations to live agents, and call APIs.

Choose from hundreds of prebuilt connectors, build custom workflows using Power Automate, or create complex scenarios with Microsoft Bot Framework.


power apps example


Modern SharePoint lists are powerful.

SharePoint is offered in almost all Microsoft 365 subscriptions and features SharePoint lists. Basically Tables that you can link together allowing you to build a “relational database”.

No extra cost for licenses.

It's a great back-end solution for PowerApps and especially inexpensive. Finally, with Microsoft 365 you have therefore no costs for licenses of PowerApps and SharePoint “back-end server”.

Work anywhere as long as there is internet.

  • Suitable for all devices, even mixed together: PC, iPad, Tablet, Smartphone.
  • Secure; login with login name and password.
  • Oties for portal solutions.